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Can I put my own photo on a Flying Greeting®? 
Yes you can. Price include setup fee. In the category section, select CUSTOM PHOTO Frisbee, PERSONALIZED FRISBEE, or CUSTOM FRISBEE. For best quality, digital JPG photos must be 700 x 700 pixels or larger. On the ordering page where you pick the color, shipping to address. size, etc., you'll see an upload link for your photo. We will not print pornographic material.

NOTICE: It is illegal to print a copywritten image, unless you hold the copyright. So, we aren't allowed to print video game characters, characters like Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, or logos from professional teams or college teams, etc. If it has a copyright on it, we can't legally print it.

Do you print photos for Ultimate Frisbees or Golf Discs? 
Yes. We have a category for Ultimate Frisbees. It is listed on our front page. Upload a photo, which we will print, laminate, cut out, and mail to you. All you do is peel off the backing and adhere it to your Ultimate Frisbee or Golf Disc. Personalize your frisbee or discs. Great for teams. Customize all your discs with your team logos and put them on your existing discs.

How do I send a personalized message?

On the page where you place your order, you'll see a message box for your personal message, which goes on the inside of the frisbee. The message is printed with black ink on a white label. Let us know if you have a particular font you want us to use.

 messageinside.jpg              words-front.jpg

You have the option to put your message on the front of the frisbee within your image, you just need to let us know if that is what you want. See example above on right.

How are Flying Greetings® shipped? 
For protection, they are shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope. On the ordering page, you'll see a SHIP TO box so the Flying Greeting goes to the correct person. 

When will my order be shipped? 
Orders received Monday - Friday, will be shipped within 4 - 5 business days and should arrive within 10 days depending on the shipping destination. Orders are shipped out of Oregon via First Class Mail by the US Postal Service. International destinations take longer. Canada usually arrives within 2 weeks (no tracking available), and other countries usually arrive within 3 weeks (no tracking available). 

International Shipping - Customs Fees, VATs, Taxes
We use USPS First Class Packing International Service to ship our international orders. Due to the variety of Customs Fees, VATS, taxes. duties, etc., for each country, those fees are NOT included in your shipping charges. We charge a fair price for shipping and handling, and additional charges required are your responsibility. We do not issue any refunds for customs fees, shipping, or the cost of your order should you refuse to pay your customs fees. We will do everything in our power to be sure there are no additional fees, but often it is out of our control, depending on the country where it is sent. 

What type of flying disc do you use and in what colors? 
You have two options. One is our Pro 175 Gram, 10 3/4 inch Wham-o Frisbees®, with color choices of Red, White, Blue, Black, and Yellow. The other is our 9 inch, 105 gram flying disk with color choices of Translucent Green, Orange, Black, Blue, Yellow, White, Purple, Pink, and Red. 

Tell me about the process
Images are printed on adhesive backed vinyl and laminated for protection. Our Pro Frisbees® have a 7 3/8 inch photograph, while the smaller 9 inch disks have a 6 3/8 inch photo. 

Which payment plans do you accept? 
We accept PayPal and Stripe, which accepts Visa, Master Card, and American Express credit cards. 

How can I check my order status? 
You will receive an email once your order has been shipped.

Do you ship to people in the military? 
Yes. On the ordering page, you'll see a ship to box. List the name and address where you want the Flying Greeting sent. We will take care of the custom forms and mail your Flying Greeting®. Our military personnel need to be encouraged and shown how much we appreciate them, so a message from home or a friend is ideal. They'll also have a Frisbee disc to throw around. It does normally take longer, but they will receive it. 

Do you ship to colleges and P.O. Boxes? 
Yes, our Flying Greetings® are treated like normal First Class mail and can be delivered anywhere. People in college love throwing Frisbees®, so send a Flying Greeting to your favorite student.

Is there a discount for large or bulk orders?
There is a discount for orders of 20 or more. It will be applied at checkout.