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About Flying Greetings®

deanrod.jpgFlying Greetings® sends personalized, custom Frisbees®, with photos and messages, to people anywhere in the world. The company is run by Rod Hanlin and Dean Paddison, who both live in Southern Oregon. The photo at the left is Dean (far right) & Rod (center) with some friends kayaking up in the San Juan Islands.

Use Flying Greetings to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, graduations, family reunions or any special occasion. 
Promote your business, sports team, church youth group, or your boy and girl scout troop. 


You can order a print without a frisbee to customize your existing Ultimate Disc or Golf Disc. Great for team logos or to customize all the discs. 


Our Philosophy
Be creative and adventurous. A Flying Greeting is a fun and different way to send someone a note of thanks, encouragement, thinking of you, congratulations, we're proud of you, birthday wishes, holiday cheer, times of celebration, announcements, and many more.


Our Core Values
Honesty - to be open, fair, and direct in all our dealings  
Passion - to put our hearts and minds in our work  
Commitment - to have a great, fun product  
Community - to contribute to our local and global community  
Fun - to laugh much, love often, and live well, and always be grateful


Here's an article from the New York Times.

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We, at Flying Greetings
®, thank you for your business and may your days be richly blessed.


One of our goals
Help us send a Flying Greetings to each of our 50 states. The yellow states below are where we've sent Flying Greetings. We'll update our map with each new state we send a Flying Greeting. Thanks for your help with this goal. We've reached 48 of the 50 states. We only need Montana, and Wyoming.

Also, we've sent Flying Greetings to the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Qatar, Israel, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia.  



Thanks for supporting us with your business.

The guys at Flying Greetings

Dean - President
Rod - Vice President & Treasurer
Jesus Christ - Chief Financial Officer